Soothe and calm diaper rash with a simple swipe.

Say HELLO  to clean application and even cleaner ingredients.


Named one of the TOP 15 BEST skincare brands for kids and babies by TOTAL BEAUTY!

Diaper rash and skin irritation are no longer a problem.

We know firsthand how difficult it is to deal with a fussy little one with an uncomfortable diaper rash or skin irritation. That’s why we made our Don’t Be Rash™️ Diaper + All Over Balm. There are 99 parenting problems, but diaper rash is no longer one of them. 


It’s like a giant Chapstick for your baby’s bottom!


No Sticky Fingers


No Gooey Creams


No Mess


No Harsh Smell


Safety first! Our non-toxic, all-natural ingredients undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and quality.


Ingredients designed to soothe and calm diaper rashes and skin irritations.


No more dipping your fingers into a jar or squeezing from a tube — instead, just gently rub the magical stick directly onto any area of the body!


…I recently tried out the EmBeba product for myself and it has been wonderfully effective.  The product was very effective in soothing my eczema flares.  I also used it on my skin even after being stung by a hornet this summer and it helped soothe the inflammation on the skin very well.  I would recommend this product for all ages for eczema or irritating reactions of the skin…”

– Dr. Nguyen, Board Certified Pediatrician, Virginia, 2020

“My son developed a rash that would not go away. I used several highly rated ointments ( A+D Ointment, Desitin, Aquaphor and Noodle & Boo OIntment), but none of them worked…within a day, my son’s rash started to disappear. It has been almost two weeks now and there is no sign of the rash” 

– Jasna, Mom, November, 2020

“…I have used many different types of creams and ointments even the prescription one but nothing worked on her until I found EmBeba diaper balm…”

-Tran, November 2020

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Not only is it an amazing diaper balm, but it also can be used on many skin irritations!

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Generation-Tested, Family Approved™

How we got our start!

On a family trip to the Bosnian countryside one summer, Thai-Anh’s baby had a severe diaper rash and eczema breakout. The family brought along the usual diaper and skin creams from the big box stores, but those “tried and true” products couldn’t help soothe the flare-up. A local family member gifted Thai-Anh with a homemade balm straight from nature. The balm contained skin nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing herbs and flowers from the family garden that helped protect the baby’s sensitive skin from moisture while wearing a diaper. This magical mixture has been used by Bosnian locals for generations and worked wonders for Thai-Anh’s baby.

That’s where the first seed was planted – why don’t we share this recipe with others who have this issue? So we decided to create a Generation-Tested, Family Approved™ remedy for your skin-sensitive family.